Superb French Ivory U43 Telephone fitted with a Mother in Law earpiece

 The U43 was manufactured for the PTT, the French equivalent of the GPO. The U stands for Universal and the 43 for the year they were first introduced.

They were the standard French telephone during the 40s, 50s and 60s. This example dates from  1966.


These telephones were designed to be used with a separate bell and therefore do not have an internal bell. Plug in bells (50E) are available from BT.


It is fitted with a new BT line cord and a 205 suppression rectifier inside.

It dials out and receives calls on my Virgin Media landline.


Please note this telephone uses pulse dialling; so please check that this is supported by your network provider.



Base: 220 x 120mm 

Height: 140mm

Weight: 1.91kg.




French U43 Ivory Telephone with Mother in Law Earpiece

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