Superb French PTT 24 Mother in Law Telephone from the 1930s.


This phone was the standard French telephone until the U43 was introduced in 1943. Although 24 is a reference to the year 1924, it was not introduced into service until 1927.

It was developed by the LMT company in Paris.



Stock No. A2268

This phone was almost always fitted with an extra receiver, also known as the mother in law receiver. This was because of the bad sound quality of French rural lines. By using the extra receiver, the reception could be improved.


These telephones were designed to be used with a separate bell and therefore do not have an internal bell. Plug in bells (50E) are available from BT.


This example is from the 1930s and the handset from 1937.

It has been fitted with a standard BT Plug.

It has been superbly restored to an as new condition although there are some minor scuff marks to the base of the receiver.

It dials out and receives calls on my Virgin Media line.


Please note this telephone uses pulse dialling; so please check that this is supported by your network provider.


Base Diameter: 160mm

Height: 225mm

Weight: 2.64kg



Superb French PTT 24 Mother in Law Telephone from 1930s

Stock No. A2268

French PTT 24 Mother in Law Telephone from 1930


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